Posted a profile code a few weeks ago and sakura_no_kage mentioned that she didn't have that much to write so it was little big.. It got me thinking and I decided to make similar codes but a tad bit smaller so it's more useable at personal journals where you don't have that much to write..

Subject: Profile layout
Theme: Horizontal & Vertical alignment
Amount: 2

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My first ever posted Profile Layout!! Am proud of the result, it took forever to make so I hope you all like the result!

♦ Feedback is absolute ♥
♦ Feel free to customize icons, colors or anything else, just remember to keep the Credit on!
♦ Please upload the icons to your own image host, don't hotlink!
♦ Fonts I used are 'Verdana' and 'Calibri'
♦ Like what you see? Friend my journal!

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The first ever LJ icon post I've made. Had these icons for a while although I don't believe this episode ever aired in the Netherlands yet. But a new season [new to the Dutch] will start next week on March 1st and I'm celebrating that fact!

Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Subject: Women of SGH
Season: 5
Episode: 17


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Finally opened up an LJ account!! Been active on blogs for a while now, but feel that those blogs lack the options that I want from a journal. Then a friend of mine suggested LiveJournal and here I am! Hope to find a lot of people out there to share thoughts and online life with!

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