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Leaves of Yanara

17 February
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Welcome to the [creative] journal Leaves of Yanara. This journal will be filled with creative stuff, such as fanfiction, icons, moodthemes, headers and many more. I've recently discovered the secret that used to be HTML and am slowly starting to create layouts, which will be posted here as well in time.

You can take a look around the journal all you want and feel free to friend me, I will always friend back if I feel we have something in common.

If you take any of my 'artworks', please keep in mind the following notes:
|| Comment || Credit || No hotlinking || Do not alter || Enjoy! ||
My name is Nubia and I'm 25 years old. Live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Born and raised there. I have Egyptian roots, but have unfortunately never been to there, it's on my travel wish list.

I currently have an administrative job at an advertising agency. Love to travel, go out with friends, learn new things about life, write [mostly short stories], listen to music or go snowboarding. I also have a boyfriend and we're slowly planning to look for a house together. :)

Life has held me back a lot growing up, but I'm slowly getting back into the state of enjoying every moment I have on earth. That philosophy is one of the reasons for finally opening up an LJ account and share whatever I make with the rest of the world.

I'll sometimes write about life here at my LJ account, but it will primarily be my creative side posted here...
There are too many things I love in life, TV, movies and music. But there are a few that stand out and will come back here at Leaves of Yanara in the form of icons, other art or my fanfiction.

To name a few of my favorites:
Hobby: - snowboarding - playing piano - travel - write [fan]fiction - photography -

Television: - Grey's Anatomy - NCIS - Bones - Lost - Fringe -

Movies: - The Dark Knight - The Proposal - Anything Johnny Depp - Wolverine - Pearl Harbor - The Ugly Truth -

Music: - Pink - Kings of Leon - Jason Mraz - Beyoncé - Alicia Keys -
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